ULA - Ukrainian Logistics Alliance

Why us?

The Ukrainian Logistics Alliance brings together key players in the national transport industry who work side by side to provide the international market with efficient, safe and efficient services, sharing experiences,
increase their efficiency, effectiveness and competitive transport and logistics system of Ukraine.
  • We are building space
    We build a space of trust between business, science and government to solve problems together
  • A platform for sharing experiences and technologies
    We provide a platform for sharing experiences and technologies of foreign and Ukrainian experts in the field, through which participants, using their knowledge and skills to work as local operators (freight forwarders, customs brokers, transport companies, logistics companies), can compete with global multinational integrators
  • We lobby the interests of our members
    We help them establish pragmatic communication with key public sector figures
  • Transparency
    We are open and consistent in our actions that are in line with our values
  • Business contacts
    We promote the expansion of business contacts
  • Industry standards
    We develop industry standards taking into account the interests of our members

Management of the Association

  • Maria Grigorak
    Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

    Honorary President

  • Edwin Berzins
  • Oleg Soltisyuk
    President of TMSoft LLC

    Chairman of the Board

Vice Presidents:

  • Oleg Soltisyuk
    President of TMSoft LLC
  • Anna Kirichenko
    Vice President for Standardization and Vocational Training
  • Artem Khachaturian
    Vice President of International Relations
  • Penkauskas Alexey Mikhailovich
    Vice President for Innovative Logistics Development
Street Konstantinovskaya, 2a,
Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine

Metro "Kontraktova Square", BC "Samson"

MAIL: info@ula-online.org
PHONE: +38 044 568 52 65


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