ULA - Ukrainian Logistics Alliance


The Alliances partner centers for international training in international logistics, transport, customs clearance and freight transport offer up-to-date professional courses that prepare future logisticians, freight forwarders and brokers to navigate complex and changing environments, be efficient and professional.

Continuous training in logistics is the key to the smooth and safe operation of logistics supply chains.
The mission of the ULA knowledge network
Link theory to practice and reduce the distance between those who generate knowledge in the logistics sector and those who put that knowledge into practice.
Educational railway marathon
Intensive educational railway marathon, during which internships with JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" and leading private companies will give you maximum practical benefits for the growth of your business.
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"FIATA Diploma: International Logistics and Freight"

A course for all those wishing to master a new profession of international freight forwarder or to improve their skills in the field of international freight forwarding and logistics. Training in the practice of doing business with the best freight forwarders and logisticians in the format 24/7/365.
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