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Ukrainian Logistics Alliance invites players in the field of logistics to consolidate their participation in leading international conferences and exhibitions.

ULA stands in 2022:
"TRANS EXPO ODESA 2022" Odessa, Ukraine September 15
ULA stands in 2021:
Calendar of ULA events
April | Odessa, Ukraine
UZ conference
June 1-2 | Kyiv, Ukraine
Transport forum
September | Kyiv, Ukraine
Intermodal transport
Our initiative is to hold the event, especially to strengthen and support the process, when many more participants in the transport and logistics sector will learn about the possibilities of combined transport. Their cost, organizational issues, and the use of existing solutions and improving business profits: for example, the use of 45-foot containers on mainland transport or the loading of car semi-trailers on the railway. The parties must see and understand that combined transport does not undermine their profitability, but rather increases it if they choose the right solution.

Relevance of the event:
  • Mobility package - measures to limit the carriage of goods by road, lack of drivers for the carriage of goods by road.
  • Compliance with EU climate policy.
  • Encouragement of combined transport.
  • Creation of additional combined terminals in Ukraine.
  • Container traffic between China and Europe is growing dynamically.
  • Reduction of additional load on public roads.
December | Kyiv, Ukraine
Annual meeting of members of the Association
Street Konstantinovskaya, 2a,
Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine

Metro "Kontraktova Square", BC "Samson"

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