ULA - Ukrainian Logistics Alliance

International governmental organizations

International organizations provide information and advice, increase
security awareness, fund training, programs and projects on many important issues, such as technical skills, logistics and transport sector management, supervision, development.

International organizations also play a leading role in the process of rule-making, accountability and the rule of law. In addition, they provide a channel of communication between governments and society, as well as between different countries, other international bodies and actors involved in leadership and reform.

Cooperation and coordination of international organizations and other actors involved in the reform of logistics and transport are essential for the success and development of countries.
International Federation of Forwarding Associations
International Air Transport Association
International Chamber of Commerce
International Union of Railways
UN Global Compact
International Road Transport Union
UN Combined Transport Terminology
World Customs Organization
United Nations Trade and Development Organization
World Trade Organization
World management system
Economic and Social Council
UN Commission on International Trade Rights
CIF Incoterms
ISO - International Organization for Standardization
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