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Ukraine occupies a special place in the European transit system due to its developed transport network and non-freezing ports. The length of the public railway network is 21654.7 km. The length of the network of public roads is 169,501.6 km.
The technological capacities of Ukraine's transport infrastructure are capable of transporting more than 1 billion tons of cargo annually by rail and processing more than 160 million tons of cargo in ports.
Ukraine has the highest transit rate in Europe of 3.75.
Ukraine is an ideal place for logistics between the markets of the European Union, the CIS and Asia.
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Procedure for entry into Ukraine

The order of entry, exit and stay of foreign citizens in Ukraine is under strict state control. The main goal is to protect the country from illegal migration, international terrorism and other troubles. Foreigners enter and leave Ukraine through checkpoints at the state border with a national passport and in the case of a visa, unless otherwise required by law or international treaties of Ukraine.

Doing business in Ukraine

Ukraine provides a quick and easy procedure for registering a business, regardless of whether you are a Ukrainian investor or a foreign one. You can create new businesses that will be 100% owned by you; open branches and other separate divisions of your company; to acquire Ukrainian enterprises that already operate, or to create joint ventures with Ukrainian legal entities and individuals.

Taxes and finances in Ukraine

All taxes and fees, rates, benefits, rules, as well as the procedure and mechanisms for assessing and paying taxes are defined in the Tax Code of Ukraine. The taxation system consists of national and local taxes and fees. The key payments for most businesses that are in the general taxation system are:
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The only web portal of the executive authorities of Ukraine
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
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