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Motor transport has become the leader in transportation

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Most of it was exported by rail transport - more than 3 million tons. In second place is sea transport, 2.9 million tons. In third place is road transport, 1.4 million tons. The rest of the goods were exported by air, pipelines and power lines.

On the other hand, in monetary terms, road transport significantly outpaced all other types of transport.

In August, Ukraine exported goods with a total value of 3.36 billion dollars. By the way, this is almost half a billion more than in July. Most of the cargo for a total amount of more than 1.12 billion dollars was delivered by our carriers to EU countries.

Almost 44%, or 1.5 billion dollars, of the total value of the entire volume of exports was made up of goods exported by road transport. Over $788 million and almost $996 million worth of goods were exported by rail and sea transport, respectively.
In terms of imports, the situation is even more impressive - motor vehicles have become the leader in both monetary and commodity terms. Out of almost 2 million tons of goods imported to Ukraine, more than 1.1 million tons (56%) were delivered by motor vehicles. By sea transport and railway – 282 thousand tons (8%) and 487 thousand tons (12%), respectively.

In monetary terms, the import data is even more impressive. The total value of goods imported by motor vehicles is 3.23 billion dollars or 74% (!) of the total volume of imports. Accordingly, nearly 332,000 dollars (8%) and 517,000 dollars (12%) were imported by rail and sea.

In September, these data, at least in commodity terms, should change. First of all, it is for the benefit of sea transport, as our Odesa and Danube ports continue to gain momentum and we hope that the total volume of exports there will be at least 5 million tons.

In the near term, road transport will still be key to our economy.

Even with a significant increase in the volume of exports by other modes of transport, highways will nevertheless dominate the structure of transport. If we analyze the export structure, it will turn out that the average cost of one ton of goods exported by road transport is almost three times (!) higher than the average cost of a ton exported by sea transport and almost five times (!) – by rail.

That is why we and our neighbors need to establish the fastest possible passage of trucks across the border. Our priorities should be the development of support programs for our carriers, development of the transport network, including roads, and border infrastructure.