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Launch of the New Multimodal Route «North-South»

Alliance News
The «Ukrainian Logistics Alliance» Association announces the launch of a new international multimodal route «North-South», initiated by its member, FERRYPLUS Co. Ltd., along with Baltic Shipping and SunSmart.

The collaboration with LTG Cargo and Ukrainian Railways opens new perspectives for intermodal transport, emphasizing the importance of integrating different modes of transportation to optimize logistics chains. The test journey of the intermodal route Klaipeda - Kaunas - Kyiv lasted 9 days. The future planned duration of the route will be 5 days, which not only improves logistics metrics but also opens new business opportunities. This route, connecting Klaipeda, Kaunas, and Kyiv, facilitates the launch of a regular service, ensuring stability in cargo flows.

The «North-South» route not only ensures efficiency in transporting heavy cargos but also meets modern environmental standards. The use of semi-trailers, containers, and freight vehicles in intermodal transportation helps reduce the carbon footprint and increase environmental responsibility.

Expanding the route, which includes directions through Poland to the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, as well as to Germany and the Netherlands, creates new opportunities for trade and economic development. In the future, the Black Sea hub with ferry connections to Turkey and Georgia will be a key element in creating an efficient logistics corridor.

Transporting fertilizers, PET granules, salt, grain, building materials, food products, beverages, and other bulk and unitized cargo between Lithuania and Ukraine in 2023 demonstrates the potential of this route.

The NSExpress project becomes an important link in international freight transportation, opening new horizons for the development of the logistics sector.

We invite you to visit the website www.nsexpress.biz, where you can learn in detail about all the benefits of the new multimodal «North-South» route.